Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Do you even wonder why we pray, when it's clear in many places of the Bible that God can and does do what He wants with people to bring about His will? It seems sometimes like there's a contradiction. We are told that if we line up our desires with God's desires then our prayers will be in His will and will be fruitful. But, I think that it's not that we are changing God's mind through our prayers, but I think He changes our minds,( and hearts) by leading us in prayer that's aligned with His will. If we don't pray, does that mean that's God's will is not going to be accomplished? Nope. So, then, why do we pray? Well, I've already mentioned that through prayer we draw closer in our relationship to God. We are having a relationship with Him and conversing/listening. We get direction and clarity by praying. However, we are also told that if we ask not, then we will have not. Does this mean that if it's God's will that someone gets healed and we don't pray for them that they won't get healed? Again, no. The accomplishment of God's will does not hinge on our obedience in prayer. But, in regards to things that God wants to give us,( i.e. patience, guidance, a certain opportunity, help with temptation, a clear mind for studying, a clear voice for presenting a speech, help breaking bondages and so on) I do believe that sometimes we don't receive because we aren't asking. God wants to bless us and meet our needs, give us testimony and faith. But, sometimes we forget that God definitely cares about both the little and the big things. Now, another thing about prayer is the passages that talk about 2 or more believers being gathered together or agreeing on the same thing getting those prayers answered. Could it be that God uses this to draw together in unity His people? He wants us to support each other, care about each other and love each other. We are to help each other carry burdens and celebrate victories. I think that the more prayers there are going up, the more strongholds that come down and the more unified the Church becomes. So, in the end, God will do His sovereign will, period. Sometimes he allows people to NOT follow in His will, and sometimes he uses people to do his will without their knowledge that He's even doing it. He can accomplish His will, with or without us. But I do believe much of His will involves the people He created. He is always working to woo us to Him and to nurture us in our walk. He wants us to pray for His will to be done, and not just vague prayers. He will put specific things on our hearts so that we can see that He was giving us a chance to take part in His doings. He also wants us to constantly ask, seek and knock, because we don't know if He is just waiting for us to come to Him and ask. And through this asking, we are connecting with Him and allowing Him to build our faith. I love that God is in control but that He gives His people opportunities to obey, and be blessed; to see victories and provisions and give praise. And as we pray, we acknowledge the One who is over all. So, yes, we should pray. No, we shouldn't feel condemned if we don't ask for something that we should have. God will use others if we miss an opportunity, but it is we who miss out the most. God will con't to give us chances to be part of His plans. And through this journey, we will constantly see Him working in and through us, to His glory. Amen.