Wednesday, April 4, 2012

doctors and counselors

If God is our healer, do we need doctors? If the Holy Spirit is out Counselor, do we need godly counselors/psychologists? Did God call some to study the body, it's workings, it's diseases and cures? Did God likewise call some to study the mind, it's workings, it's diseases and cures? We know the root of both physical and mental/emotional ailments stems from the Fall of man in the Garden. And we know that when we pray in faith for God to heal us body, mind, and spirit, that he definitely can and does. We also know that God has used doctors and counselors/psychologists to help people. Are these fields of study entered into by Christian men and women meant to only serve the unbeliever as a tool to plant seeds or bring them to Christ? Or only for those believers with little faith? I've learned things from people in both fields,( some speak truth even though they are not Christian because truth is truth, you know?). Would God have revealed those things to me had I not gleaned that knowledge from those different sources? I don't know. Is it possible to be mislead by the info that we get from people in either of these studies,( as well as from any field of study honestly)? Most definitely. Does God use people in these fields to touch people, bring them closer to being healthy and whole? For sure. But do we lean too much on this wisdom of man, instead of putting our faith to practice? I would say most likely yes. Should we discount the effectiveness of Christians who pursue these fields? That's probably casting judgement, for if they are following a calling God has placed on them, who are we to say they're wrong? Are many of the teachings of these fields wrong, or twisted? Again, for sure. But the Bible says to take the good and leave the bad. If we have Holy Spirit discernment in studying worldly knowledge, we can see the truth from the lies or research until we find the truth...going back to Scripture for as much as we can. We can all make personal decisions about these areas, talk about why we feel one way or the other, but ultimately and as far as I can tell from Scripture, I don't see any black and white teachings. I think as our faith grows, we may not need to seek out counsel and medical knowledge as much because we will see God revealing himself to us, and also showing us unhealthy things in our mind and spirit as well as healing our physical bodies. So, lots of questions that I didn't have a pat answer for. Some thoughts for us all to ponder, and prayer to make wise decisions of our own that please God. But as a last thought...we don't question that God puts into each of us a desire to learn about different aspects of His creation and in so doing, entering different fields of study that correlate to our curiosities/interests,( i.e. the fields of Science and Archeology). I don't hear as much fuss about Christians in these fields even though they are full of untruths because of agenda, as I do about people entering fields of psychology. And it's funnier that we have noooo problem with people studying the works of the body and how to cure it of problems, but that some in the Body would like to basically say it's wrong to go to a doctor because our healing should come from God. I've heard explanations from both sides and understand the points they are trying to make, however, I just can't see solid biblical proof of one side or the other. I see examples of men of God who were sick physically and God did not heal them either right away or at all, but don't know of any doctors who were used in possibly treating these people, but of course we see lots of miraculous healings. And I see also examples of God giving counsel to others in distress,( or who are going the wrong way and their sin is causing relational problems) through people, but also through angels and direct revelation . The main point is that we trust God and don't lean on our own understanding. God allows us to discover truths about His creation and it's workings,( including ourselves as humans) to point us in His direction, but we must not make the understanding of those truths 'the thing' and exclude God Himself, who is the Source of all the truths we know. :) Hope this wasn't too confusing and hope that you understand that I don't have a side that I'm trying to promote. I am just musing out loud because this is a subject that comes up a lot lately, and with different people.

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